Mega Deluxe Bitter Woods

$300 to Continental USA

(please query us for all other countries or states)

We are NOT TAKING MONEY for a few weeks.

This is an opportunity to place your order.

For the next two weeks, we will allow anyone still intersted to get on the list.

We are NOT printing any extra games. Only the order in the system currently

and any new orders. After that, this project is closed.

No stock will be carried.

We will email you asking for payment after two weeks.

Those who pay will get get a game.

My apologies for the delay, we are almost done.

The map and charts will go to the printer in the next week.

They will ship first followed by the counters 4-6 weeks after you get the map.

Map should ship by the beginning of Nov. and the counters should arrive

before X-mas.